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Why do I need a towel at the gym?

Recent studies have shown that the surface of weight benches, treadmills, bars, and other fitness equipment is brimming with infectious germs and bacteria. You are most likely to encounter bacteria, fungus, and germs in the gyms and workplaces.

Gyms are germy. Bacteria easily transmit by hands and can enter the body through nose, eyes, and mouth. Try not to touch your face with bare hands and always wipe it with a clean towel. So, it is very crucial to carry a towel to your workplace or gym.

I think, that most of you would agree with me when I say that while talking about fitness, 90{cc213f3f3f5dbf128469a5b6b7ec69eab35de25ab5e2f2dcaffb9da562811471} of you don’t even think of the best gym towel as one of the fitness essentials. Things that are on top of our mind are exercises, diet plans, equipment, etc. carrying gym towels during workouts has become one of the important gym etiquettes.

Is it even necessary to carry a towel to the gym?

The answer is simply yes! We should always carry a towel to the gym for your and other’s people's sake. I will always advise carrying two gym towels. You can use one towel to wipe your face and another one to clean pieces of equipment and cover the weights, bars, and benches. It has become crucial during pandemics.

Some of the pivotal points to consider why is it vital to carry a towel to the gym:-

In a gym, you see people sweating all around. Well, this is what we are supposed to do in a gym. Isn’t it? But unfortunately, that increases the chances of germs spreading all around causing infections.

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The equipment in the gym is used by all the people in the gym that makes them infectious. Bacteria can be found on the surface of every piece of equipment.

There have been different studies done on this subject, and the results stunned the world. People were shocked to know the hygiene standards of the gyms.

How to protect yourself from catching the infectious germs or bacteria in the gym?

  • Always carry two gym towels. One should be used to wipe your sweaty face, and another one should be used to clean pieces of equipment and to cover the seats and benches
  • Never wipe your sweaty face with bare hands as bacteria can easily transmit in your hands and can enter the body. Always wipe your face with a clean gym towel after every sweaty workout.
  • Clean all types of equipment (machinery and non-machinery equipment) before or after use.
  • Trying carrying a premium quality towel for a gym session as they will dry up the sweat quickly as compared to other normal towels and minimize the gym infection.
  • Some fitness buffs like to take shower after a gym session. It is best to use your own hygienic and clean towel to lower cross-contamination.

Some of the key features to look while selecting a gym towel

  • Check the material: - Try to avoid cotton towel as they hold on to sweat and get stinky fast. The best material would be microfiber that dries up a sweat quickly.
  • Look for anti-bacterial properties: - Try to purchase a towel that should be anti-bacterial properties and minimize the risk of encountering the fungus, bacteria, or germs.
  • Absorbent: - Always ensure, a towel should be absorbent.
  • Lightweight and portable: - Towel should be lightweight and can easily fit into any bag.

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