The 11 Best Gym Towel in 2020 Reviews [Buying Guide]

Are you using the best gym towel? Workouts with free weights, exercise bikes, and treadmills can cause a buildup of sweat, dirt, and grime on your body. This can make you uncomfortable and affect your strength/muscle gains.

We're here to help. We've reviewed some of the top athletic towels on the market. That includes their main features, pros, and cons. We'll share our pick for the best overall unit and some helpful information for selecting gym towels.

Reviews of the Best Gym Towels

1. Cotton Washcloths (24 Pack, White) by Amazon Basics


These sports towels from Amazon Basics are made of 100% looped-terry cotton. The cotton is soft enough for the face but sturdy enough for household cleaning.  In fact, the towel is so soft you shouldn't have problems using it for face washing or baby bath.

An X-factor is the towels get softer with each washing/drying. Besides being soft, the towels are also lightweight and fast-drying like cotton washcloths in fancy hotels.


The cotton is super-sturdy so won't have to worry about the towels damaging easily. This is a plus over other towels that are less durable.

There are also reinforced edges to prevent unraveling. This helps to extend the lifespan of the towels since it will help to keep the towel intact even during heavy use.


The towels are fast-drying, so you can wash/dry them quickly and use them again quickly. The Amazon product can be washed and dried using a machine. This adds more convenience when you don't have the time/effort for hand-washing.


The Amazon Basics towels have a high absorbency, so they're able to hold water effectively. This is a plus since it allows you to use the towel longer before you'll need to ring it out or wash/dry it.


Since these towels are bundled in a 24-pack, you'll have plenty of towels for gym, home, and office use. You can also avoid ordering multiple items. This is a big plus over other products that include less than 10 pieces. This product's high value means you can save big bucks on your towels.

The towels can also be used for a wide range of applications including gym workouts, face cleaning, and house cleaning. Since you get 24 pieces, you can also divide up the pack for gym bag, linen closet, kitchen drawer, under the sink.

Things We Liked

  • High absorbency
  • Washing machine-friendly
  • Reinforced edges
  • Home/office/gym use
  • Very soft

Things We Didn't Like

  • Tags are like plastic
  • Weak stitching

2. Microfiber Sports Towel By RainLeaf


The towel is made of microfiber with 85% polyester/15% polyamide.

This RainLeaf towel is super-compact/lightweight. This makes it a piece of cake to transport since it's easy to carry and takes up little space.  It's a great option for everyday use and travel.

The towel is very soft with a suede-like texture when it contacts your skin/face. This makes the towel skin-friendly so you can use it to remove sweat or dirt from your face.


These towels are strong enough for several applications like gym, travel, beach, camping, backpacking, etc.


The RainLeaf towel is fast-drying. This makes it easier to prepare the towel for the next use.  You can also use the Hang Snap Loop to hang up the towel anywhere to dry.


These towels are ultra-absorbent. This lets you use it repeatedly in a short time, unlike other towels that you have to keep wringing out because they're less absorbent.  In fact, these sports towels hold up to 3x their weight. This makes it easier to dry your body/hair faster.


You get 6 different sizes, so the towels provide more versatility for various sports/outdoor activities as well as home/office use. Some of the different applications include:

  • Hand
  • Face
  • Golf
  • Picnic
  • Camping
  • Jogging
  • Hiking
  • Pool
  • Beach
  • Blanket
  • Swimming
  • Bathing
  • Fishing
  • Sports

The sports towel has an eye-catching color. This makes it outstanding for multi-use every day, and it won't be an eye-sore when you look at the towel all day.

The towel is anti-bacterial. It's critical to keep the towel as away from germs and mildew as much as possible in order to prevent the spread of microorganisms at home, work, or gym.

A big plus of these gym towels is the reusable/waterproof carry bag. This makes it easy to bring fresh towels with you to the gym, work, etc.

The company offers a lifetime warranty. So you can return the towel anytime if you're not 100% happy with the athletic towels for whatever reason for a replacement.

Things We Liked

  • Very absorbent
  • Lightweight/compact
  • Feels soft on face/body
  • Multiple towel colors
  • Fast-drying

Things We Didn't Like

  • Smells like tires
  • Colors run after washings

3. Cotton Gym Towels (24-Pack, White) by Utopia Towels


The towels are woven w/ 100% white cotton that's ring-spun.  These towels are designed, so they're perfect for your body and hands for applications like gym, home, and office use.

These towels are excellent for people with super-sensitive skin. So if you're looking for hypoallergenic towels, this is a good option since they're skin-friendly.


These towels provide high performance including strength that you'd normally expect from high-quality towels. The ring-spun terry is very durable, so it's a good option for different applications like gym, home bathroom, or office.

Another plus is the hemmed edges. These boost the quality/durability of the towels to extend the lifespan. This makes the towels ideal for multiple washing/drying since they can withstand them better.

Another way these towels are durable is with the shorter fibers. This helps to reduce shedding/frying, which can require you to replace the towels sooner rather than later.


These towels are made from cotton terry cloth. This makes them easy to clean so you'll need less time and effort to do that.

You can also machine wash the towels in mild detergent. It's important not to use fabric softeners, bleach, and iron since these actions could damage the towels, which is something you'll definitely want to avoid.

It's important to wash these towels separately so you can minimize how much lint is produced. That can cause a mess that's tough to clean up.

The towels are quick-drying, so you can use them repeatedly for applications like gym, spa, salon, and pool.

When washing/drying the towels it's important to do this properly. That will help to prevent mildew for a longer time. Make sure to follow the company's washing/drying instructions to a tee in order to get the best results based on the towels' materials, design, etc.


These towels retain moisture well yet stay clean/fresh longer so you can enjoy these big benefits vs. other towels on the market.

Since the towels are super-absorbent, you'll have to ring them out less frequently. This boosts the towel's functionality so you won't have to spend tons of time wringing out the towels.


These salon/gym towels from Utopia Towels include a 24-pack. This offers enough for different applications for home, office, gym, etc.

These towels not only dry fast but also dry hands/body faster. That's because loops on both sides offer more surface area for faster drying.

Things We Liked

  • Multi-use like gym, spa, salon
  • Loops on both sides
  • Good for sensitive skin
  • 100% cotton
  • 24-pack of towels

Things We Didn't Like

  • Needs multiple washings
  • Looks/works like rags

4. Microfiber Gym Towels (3 Sizes) by OlimpiaFit

OlympiaFit is a new company that was established in 2014. Since then it's focused on producing quality products for the North America and Western European market. /the company is sports-focused, so it specialized in products like sports towels.


These OlympiaFit towels are made from high-quality microfiber. The towels pack 4x smaller than standard regular terrycloth towels with the same size.

The towels are also hypo-allergenic and soft for the face and skin. They're also slip-resistant, which makes the item good for workout towels.

The towels are ideal for different activities like sports, gym, travel, camping, trekking, etc.


Each towel includes a sturdy elastic band. This makes it easier to hang/fold the towels.


The gym towels are anti-bacterial and anti-microbial, so they help to keep microorganism at bay. They can also absorb up to 4x the towel's weight.

The OlympiaFit towels dry 10x faster than standard terrycloth or cotton towels. As a result, you won't have to spend tons of time waiting to use your towels. In fact, you just have to hang them outside for 5 minutes on a sunny day in order to dry.


These towels are sub-absorbent and also won't cause odor due to wet towels.


These versatile towels can be used for several applications like gym, beach, yoga, pool, etc. this provides more value since you can use the same towel for many functions.

The athletic towels are small/lightweight. So you can easily fit them in a backpack or gym bag whether you're going to the gym, etc. Whenever you need to dry your face/body during those activities, you'll have the perfect towel.

If you want more value, you can buy 2+ of any color in order to save about one-third on each set. You can get 50% savings if you buy 3 sets, which is an even better value.

These sports towels are also bundled with a mesh carrying bag. This makes it easy to tote the towels with you wherever you go. This saves bag/luggage space for other stuff.

OlympiaFit offers a satisfaction guarantee. So if you're not 100% happy about the towels for whatever reason, you can exchange the items with no questions asked.

Things We Liked

  • No odor from wet towels
  • Quality microfiber
  • Fast-drying
  • Very compact/lightweight
  • Easily fits in a gym bag

Things We Didn't Like

  • Shipping - number of towels sent
  • Very thin towels

5. Microfiber Gym Towels (4 Sizes) by BOGI


These microfiber gym towels from BOGI are high-quality microfiber towels. They're compact and smooth, which provide some of the top features of athletic towels.

The towels are compact/lightweight. This makes it easier to transport them since they fold up into a smaller space vs. other towels on the market.

In fact, you can carry the towels in a small pouch to save space. A mesh bag is bundled with the towels to make it easier to tote the towels with you wherever you go. You can also save money on the costs of purchasing the pouch separately.

The towels can be used for a wide range of applications including:

  • Gym
  • Yoga
  • Swimming
  • Golf
  • Travel
  • Picnic
  • Beach


The BOGI towels have high structural integrity. In fact, they'll keep their shape after many washings. You also won't have to deal with rot or mildew after using the towels, which further boosts the durability.

The materials are soft and durable so you can enjoy both strength and softness using the towel. This microfiber offers you the best of both worlds.


The towels are easy to wash so you won't have to spend lots of time keeping your towels fresh and clean.  Another plus of this towel is it will maintain its shape after several washings.

The towels are super-absorbent, so they'll soak up more water. As a result, you'll have to wring them out less, which boosts their functionality.


When these towels get wet, you won't have to deal with the stink that often results from wet gym towels.


The towels don't produce any odors when damp. This provides a better experience when using the towels since you won't be annoyed by strong smells when using the towels at the gym, home or office.

These towels are ideal for keeping your skin as fresh and clean as possible. This is critical in places like commercial gyms that are loaded with microorganisms.

This can cause various infections and diseases that you'll want to avoid. Exercising is supposed to be for improving health instead of worsening it.

In fact, the microfiber towel is anti-bacterial. This helps to keep away germs and odors for better functionality.

You can also easily shake out sand when you're at the beach. This, in turn, helps to keep the towels fresh and clean, so they're ready to use for beach, camp, pool, office, home, etc.

Things We Liked

  • Smooth/compact
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Compact/lightweight
  • No small when wet
  • Microfiber towels

Things We Didn't Like

  • Falls apart quickly
  • Shipping - incomplete set

6. Microfiber Gym Towels (3-pack) by SINLAND


The SINLAND microfiber towels are compact and lightweight. The terry cloth design provides excellent value vs. ordinary towels.

These towels are ideal for a wide range of applications. They include gym, camping, hiking, sports, and traveling. They're effective when you need to wipe sweat from your face or body.

These microfiber towels are more compact and lighter than standard towels. This provides various benefits.

For example, you can carry more of them and won't have to worry about taking up tons of space in your gym bag, for example. You can save the space for clothes and other items.


These towels are sturdy enough for different applications. You can wipe off sweat from your face/body at the gym, hiking, and traveling.

This is a durable athletic towel that can be washed 500x before you'll need to replace it.


When washing the towels for the first time make sure to wash it separately. This is especially true when washing dark-colored towels so the color won't fade into other items. You shouldn't have any problems after washing the towels the first time.

These Sinland towels dry 3x faster than standard towels. This allows you to use them faster after washing/drying the towels.


These towels absorb water much better than flat towels. This gives it an edge since the unit soaks up water significantly better.

You won't have to keep wringing out the towel every few minutes, which can be a hassle.  Make sure to pat your body instead of rubbing it in order to get even better absorption from the towels. Spend more time weightlifting, playing sports, etc.


The product includes a 3-pack so you'll get more value than products that only include 1 towel. This adds value to the product.

Things We Liked

  • Absorbs more water
  • 500x washings
  • Good for outdoor sports
  • Dries 3x faster
  • Unique terry texture

Things We Didn't Like

  • Strong smell
  • Smaller than description

7. Microfiber Gym Towels (3-Pack) by Hopeshine


These sports towels are made of microfiber. The towels are softer, thinner, and lighter than ordinary towels.  They're made of an 80/20 polyester/polyamide blend.

This provides better value in different ways. For example, the more compact size of the towels means you can carry more than ordinary towels.

Then there's the soft terry texture. This is a plus since it will feel better on your skin. , in turn, will give you a better experience since it will feel comfier when using the towel to wipe sweat from your face/skin.

The softness results from a process that involves grinding the texture's surface. This makes these towels even softer than standard microfiber towels.


Hopeshine doesn't use run-of-the-mill microfiber for its towels. You'll instead get a material that grips the skin so you'll have a better experience when wiping perspiration from your skin.


These towels can be used after a maximum of 500 washings. Keep in mind this figure is for hand-washing. You can still get long-lasting usage via machine-washing.

It's worth noting that the towels can be washed in a washing machine. Just toss the towels into the washer then they'll be cleaned without any issues.

When washing the Hopeshine towels make sure you don't use fabric softener. What's the big deal? That can reduce the towels' ability to absorb moisture, which is something you'll definitely you'll want to avoid.

You should also make sure to wash the towels separately before using them. This is particularly true if the towels have a dark color since they could fade into other items. You should also expect some fluff off during the first wash.


The towels are ultra-absorbent vs. standard microfibers.


This sports towel can be used for a wide range of applications. They include gym, sports, outdoors, and traveling. This adds value to the Hopeshine towels.

That's because there's no need to buy separate towels for different activities. You can thus save lots of time and money.

Things We Liked

  • Thin/soft
  • Absorbs water well
  • Machine washable
  • 500x washings
  • Made of quality microfiber

Things We Didn't Like

  • Tears easily
  • Strong smell

8. Fitness Gym Towels (2 Pack) by desired body 


These desired body towels are made of high-quality material so you'll be as comfy as possible when drying your face or body from perspiration.

The towels feature an eye-catching gray waffle style that's reinforced with silky border. In general, form should follow function when picking a gym towel, but that doesn't mean it can't be stylish. You'll be using the item regularly, right?

This produces a stylish look and feel that's ideal for both men and women. It's a good option for you and your boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife since you both can use the same towels.

The towels are also quite lightweight at about 5 ounces. This makes it easier to bring more towels with you when you go to the gym or camping, for example. In that case, you'll definitely want to avoid hauling tons of extra gear with you.


These towels are made of sturdy microfiber. This helps to extend the lifespan of the towel so there's less of a chance you'll need to replace it sooner rather than later.


The desired body towels are fast-drying and odor-free as a result of the high-end microfiber material used to produce it.

This helps the towel to stay dry and fresh, which is critical to get the best results from a sports towel. It's a big plus when a towel dries faster and stays fresh longer. Who wants to use a wet or smelly towel?


These towels are ultra-absorbent. As a result, you'll be able to use them longer before you need to squeeze out excess water. 


These towels can be used for various applications. Besides drying your skin from perspiration, you can also cover benches & machines to keep those items dry during workouts at commercial gyms..

The towels don't cause things like hooks or labels that can cause skin irritation on neck/skin. This makes them comfier when you wipe the perspiration from your face or body.

You'd probably expect refund guarantees for things like big towels. In fact, desired body offers a full guarantee if you're not 100% satisfied with your athletic towels for whatever reason.

This helps to protect your investment. OK, it's fair to say a small towel probably won't be the biggest investment you'll make in your life. However, it's still good if your purchase is covered.

Things We Liked

  • Unisex design
  • Grey towel w/ white border
  • Towels stretch well
  • Refund guarantee
  • Dries quickly

Things We Didn't Like

  • Might fall apart after washings
  • Long/narrow size

9. Microfiber Terry Gym Towel (6-Pack) by The Rag Company

The Rag Company has been producing/distributing high-end microfiber products since 1999. It's a family-owned business that offers high levels of quality, value, and customer service.

All of the company's products are designed and packaged in the US. If those issues are critical to you, then you should definitely consider products from The Rag Company.


The Rag Company's towels are made of premium microfiber, so they deliver top-notch quality and softness. This provides the best of both worlds.


These towels are super-durable and are made of professional-grade microfiber. They also include extra-strong overlock stitched edges. This adds value to towels and makes them tougher.

The towels include 300,000+ fibers/square inch. This helps to boost the overall strength of the towels, which extend their lifespan as well. The heavy weight of the towels also adds value and durability to the towels.

How tough are these towels? You can get 500+ washes if you provide proper care for the towels. That's quite impressive since the towels could last up to 1.5 years even if you wash them daily.


These Rag Company towels are fast-drying. This allows you to use them soon after washing them so you can use the towels again soon after using them. This adds value to your purchase.


The sports towels are super-absorbent, so they hold moisture better than traditional cotton towels. This is one of the top features and especially when doing heavy workouts.


These towels are made by a microfiber manufacturer/distributor that's been business for nearly two decades. This provides consumers with better value vs. other companies.

They're also used by various industries including global hair stylists and nail technicians. That's because they provide high value at a good price.

These towels are an excellent choice for different applications like gym, spas, yoga, and outdoors. This adds value since you won't have to buy different towels for different applications.

Another key feature of these Rag Company towels is they're high-quality and value-priced. It often seems like you have to choose one or the other. In fact, you can get both from one product.

Things We Liked

  • Value for price
  • Very durable construction
  • 500x washings
  • Microfiber towel
  • Good for spas, gyms, etc.

Things We Didn't Like

  • Clings to everything
  • Less absorbent than other towels

10.  Microfiber Sport Towel (3-Pack) by G Grounded Sport


These G Grounded Spot towels are ultra-compact, light, and thin. This makes it a cinch to bring with you to the gym for your workouts.

These towels are longer/narrower than traditional towels since they're designed to be worn around the head/neck, and body.

These towels are made with a 50/50 blend of bamboo/nylon, so they have a super-light feel. This makes the towels perfect if you don't want to haul a heavy towel with you around the gym or other locations.

Keep in mind these aren't like traditional cloth/terry gym towels, so they're not the best option if you're going to be doing high-intensity training at the gym. If you're doing light/moderate workouts, then they're a good option.

There's also 98% UV blocking as well as 50+ UV protection, so they're a good option for activities like camping/hiking, beach, and cycling. This helps the towels perform as a shield from the sun to safeguard you from UV rays.

The towels are also hypoallergenic. So if you have sensitive skin, you won't have to worry about using them. They're soft, light, and chemical-free.


The towels are made super-durable so you won't have to worry about replacing them sooner rather than later. That can save you money.


These G Grounded Sport towels are designed for wet/dry and indoor/outdoor use. This offers more versatility for different activities.

The towels are more effective than standard cotton in keeping you dry and comfy. That's because they can effectively wick away sweat from a person's body.

​The towels are machine-washable, so if you're a hurry, you can just toss them into the washing machine. They're also fast-drying, so you can use them soon after washing the units.


These towels provide a cool feel even when they're wrung/shaken out. This provides a cool feel to your skin, which adds value and especially on hot days.


These towels are great for many activities including:

  • Biking
  • Camping/Hiking
  • Cross-fit
  • Cycling
  • Golf
  • Power-lifting
  • Running
  • Yoga

The manufacturer offers a money-back guarantee. Even if you've used the towels already, you can return them if you're not 100% happy with your purchase.

Things We Liked

  • UV protection
  • 2-tone color
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Bamboo/nylon microfiber
  • Very thin/light/compact towel

Things We Didn't Like

  • Very thin
  • Odd shape – too narrow

11. Microfiber Sport Towels (2-Pack) by Fit Spirit


FitSpirit towels are effective for several activities. They include hiking, traveling, camping, weightlifting, and other activities. The towels have been engineering for high-end performance.

The towels are ultra-soft and comfortable due to the fabrics that are professional woven. They're a good option for all types of exercise/workouts or sports.

The towels are ultra-portable, so you can easily bring them with you on a picnic, to the beach, for a swim, or gym workout. You can even use the towels for baths/showers at home.


These towels have been designed for good durability. This helps to extend their lifespan so they'll be long-lasting. This, in turn, protects your investment.


These towels are designed for fast-drying so you can use them soon after washing them.


The FitSpirit towels have high absorption properties so they can soak up perspiration easily. This prevents you from needing to wring out the towels time and time again.


The overall quality of these towels is outstanding. They're soft, comfortable, fast-drying, and durable. What more could you ask for in a gym towel?

Things We Liked

  • Microfiber towel
  • Very soft/comfortable
  • Good performance
  • Highly durable
  • Good for multiuse

Things We Didn't Like

  • Bad smell
  • Bleeds colors

Key Features of the Best Gym Towels

If you're looking for high-quality gym towels here are some of the most important features to take up:


This is a little more complex than it might seem. High-end towels will cost more based on their materials, quality, design, and so on. Make sure to shop around for good quality at low prices.

You should also factor in the sizes/quantity of the towels a certain product offers. It might be worth paying a higher price for 24 good towels vs. one lousy one.


This is one of the most common fabrics in the world. It's also a great option for sports towels. That's due to the comfort and durability it offers. If you've used cotton towels before then, you've experienced their benefits firsthand.

What are the big benefits of cotton? It's gentle on skin and keeps you warm/dry during and after workouts. If you're doing high-intensity workouts, you should consider cotton over microfiber.

If you're picking a gym towel one of the drawbacks of standard cotton is they're much heavier than some synthetic fibers. This can give you a workout hauling towels before you even get to the gym!


This is an innovative material that combines polyester and polyimide to produce a synthetic fiber that's 200x smaller than one human hair.

Microfiber offers several features. They include absorption that's several times the towel's weight, more compact, and bacteria-resistant. In fact, you just have to hang up these towels for a few minutes in order to dry them, which is a plus when you're hurrying off to the local gym or camping trip.


Fun Fact: Bamboo is the world's fastest-growing plant. The plant is used for athletic towels made of 100% bamboo and bamboo blends.

If you want to pick a "green" towel, then bamboo is one of the top options. It grows super-fast, so it's highly sustainable.

Bamboo is also super-absorbent. In fact, it's 4x more absorbent than cotton. Yes, it's true! Bamboo is also anti-microbial, so it won't smell funky like cotton when it gets wet.


The size of the towels should be based on the function. You'll need smaller towels for wiping sweat, and larger ones for placing over exercise equipment like benches and home gyms.


Make sure to consider how often you do workouts. You also might want products with more pieces so you can use them for other functions at home or work, for example.


Sometimes athletic towels include perks like hanging hooks and mesh bags. You shouldn't expect tons of extras for sports towels, but they add value to your purchase, which is a plus.


Look for towels that are relatively soft. This is especially helpful if you have sensitive skin. The towel doesn't have to be ultra-soft but also shouldn't feel like a basketball jersey.


Here's another factor to take up. You'll want high-absorption towels since you won't spend half your workout wringing them out. You can boost absorption by dabbing vs. rubbing. Another factor is the material since microfibers and bamboo are more absorbent than cotton, for example.


Check if a particular towel can be washed in a washing machine or dried in a drier. Some towels can be washed up to 500x, but that's via hand-washing.

You should also check about how fast the towel dries. For example, some microfibers dry in 5 minutes in the sun. Meanwhile, fabrics like cotton take more time to dry and sometimes a lot more time.


This is based on various factors. What's the material used to produce the towel? How many fibers are there per square inch? What's the towel's overall quality? These factors will all affect the durability of the product.

Product  Pieces Size  Features

  • 1
    Cotton Washcloths (24 Pack, White) by Amazon Basics  - 24 pieces – 12x12 in. – Spun cotton
  • 2
    Microfiber Sports Towel By Rainleaf – 6 pieces – varied – Fast-drying
  • 3
    Cotton Gym Towels (24-Pack, White) by Utopia Towels – 24pieces – 16x27 – easy to clean
  • 4
    Microfiber Gym Towels (3 Sizes) by OlimpiaFit – 3pieces – varied – 5 min. dry
  • 5
    Microfiber Gym Towels (4 Sizes) by BOGI – 4 pieces – varied – smooth/compact
  • 6
    Microfiber Gym Towels (3-pack) by SINLAND – 3 pieces – 16x32 – 500x washing
  • 7
    Microfiber Gym Towels (3-Pack) by Hopeshine – 3 pieces- 16x32 – ultra-soft
  • 8
    Fitness Gym Towels (2 Pack) by desired body – 2- varied - unisex
  • 9
    Microfiber Terry Gym Towel (6-Pack) by The Rag Company – 6 – varied – quality microfiber
  • 10
    Microfiber Sports Towel (3-Pack) by G Grounded Sport -3-12x39 - guarantee
  • 11
    Microfiber Sports Towels (2-Pack) by Fit Spirit – 2-15"x24" –soft/comfy


We've just reviewed some of the top athletic towels on the market. They're all good options, but only one can be picked as the best of the best: Cotton Washcloths (24 Pack, White) by Amazon Basics.

It all started with the maker itself. Amazon is the world's largest online retailer and the second $1-trillion company in the US. So this Amazon Basics product is a good option since it features a well-established and trusted brand.

Let's get to the nitty-gritty of these athletic towels. They're 100% terry cotton, so they're strong, fast-drying, and highly absorbent. They're also washer/drier-friendly.

The Amazon towels are great for different functions and locations. You can use them at the gym, home, and office. You can also place them in your gym bag, kitchen drawer, bathroom cabinet, and anywhere else you need towels.

Another big plus is this product includes 24 towels. This is another feature that makes it the best gym towel. You not only get an outstanding towel but you also get two dozen pieces!

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