How to store a wet Towel after a Gym session?

Gym towels are one of the essential items that should pack in your gym bags. Carrying gym towels to the gym is a part of gym etiquette.

People who go to work just after a gym session could find it challenging to deal with how to store a wet towel after the gym. They are so smelly at times that it could stink up your gym bags as well. The best way is to allow it to have time to dry up naturally preferably under the sun. If it is not the option you have, consider these options instead:-

1. Buy a Quick-Drying Towel

If you are a regular gym-goer and you have to deal with a wet towel regularly. Then I would suggest investing in microfiber towels as they could dry up much faster than the normal bath towel. They are super soft and comfortable, fast-drying, and highly absorbent. You can easily carry it to the gym and store it in your gym bag or plastic bag without any worry about the damp towel. Still, our suggestion is to wash as soon as you are at home or at least hanging the towel on a wire to air out.

2. Hair Dryer

Use a hairdryer to speed up the drying process. Simply lay your towel open and flat or hang the towel up in the air and use the hairdryer to blast the hot air at the towel. Turn it around and repeat the same process for the other side. But this option is available only for those who are provided with the hairdryer at the gym.

3. Hang the Towel

Hang the towel on a hanger or a wire for as long as you can. Again this option is available for only those who have spare time and can wait in a gym for at least an hour to get moist towel air out properly.

4. Buy a Plastic-lined Zipper Bag

A plastic bag, or a Ziplock bag and can keep your damp, sweaty or wet towel in it. This option is better for all those who are short of time and heading straight to work or study. But be in mind to leave open the bag about some inch at least 1 inch to get some air. As soon as you reach home, take your towel out and wash it or at least hang it on the wire until it dries completely.

5. Buy a Wet Bag

Another option you have is investing in a wet sack or a waterproof bag. A wet bag option is cheaper and is available in a supermarket or online store. This is an alternative option to a plastic bag, gym bag, or microfiber towels.

Nowadays, there are a lot of options available in the gym bag which has a built-in wet sack. These gym bags are available with separate compartments for dry and wet items. Wet sacks are waterproof ones. You can buy a decent one with different pockets and one dedicated waterproof pocket for wet gym clothes and can store your sweaty clothes including a damp towel in it.

If you drive to the gym in your car. You have a great option of putting a wet towel in your car open and take it along. Make sure you wring the towel out for sometimes and squeeze excessive moisturizer so that it should not be wet.

You could also leave your best gym towel in your office/college locker to air out until the end of the day.

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