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Body-Solid Best Fitness Folding Bench Review

Are you new to the world of home exercise? Or are you hoping to increase your results by adding some new equipment to your home gym setup?

Regardless of why you are hoping to add a workout bench to your home gym, the Body-Solid Best Fitness Folding Bench is one option that you might consider while trying to choose the best bench for your situation.

This folding bench has a lot of interesting features that make it a good choice for some people, but does that mean it is the right choice for you? Let’s break down who this bench is best for and why you might want to give it another look.

Body-Solid Best Fitness Folding Bench

This folding workout bench from Body-Solid is a workout option for basic home exercises that need a solid surface, including but not limited to dumbbell usage.

Who Is This Product For?

This folding workout bench is a perfect choice for everyone who loves the idea of having a more dedicated workout space at home but doesn’t necessarily have space for a permanent home gym at this time. Since this bench is foldable, it can be moved when necessary, providing great flexibility while still being an easy-to-use choice.

Additionally, this particular bench is an excellent choice for those who plan to do body-weighted workouts or need a workout bench for dumbbell usage since it has the right amount of stability for these types of workouts.

This bench is probably not a great option for those who plan to do very heavy rack workouts as it does not have the strength to withstand that kind of weight. If you plan to lift hefty rack weights, you will need something that is more permanent and made out of stronger materials, to begin with.

What’s Included?

This kit comes with a foldable workout bench and all of the safety pins that you will need to assemble it. Assembly is quick and easy, and the bench also comes with a three-year limited warranty that will protect your purchase.

Overview of Features

The number one feature of this particular weight bench is that it is foldable and compact! By simply removing the pins, you can store this weight bench flat, and that might be very important if you are living or working out in a restricted space. Without having to keep the bench out all the time, you have more flexibility in your space.

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This bench is ideal for those who are just starting with weights. While it can stand up to the weight of dumbbells and body-weighted workouts with ease, it is not meant for use with heavy racks and should never be used that way because it does not have the reinforcement or strength needed for that kind of weight.

The back on this bench can be adjusted into 12 different starting positions. Those positions range from a -10° incline to a 70° incline.

Switching between the different positions is easy as well. You simply remove a pin, adjust the angle, and then reinsert the pin. Those same safety pins will keep the bench securely in place while you work out.

The pads on this bench are 1.5-inch and upholstered durably. This means that you will have a good amount of comfortable cushion that will last for a long time.

Finally, all of the parts of this weight bench are covered by a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. That might be very useful if you do encounter any problems in how the bench works or its durability, so you will want to keep that benefit in mind.

How to Use Your Product?

Are you ready to make the most of your new home folding bench? Not sure where to begin your new workout regime now that you have this piece of equipment to work with?

That’s totally okay! It can be very overwhelming to add a new item like this to your routine, especially if you don’t yet know many workouts that you can do on this foldable workout bench. But don’t worry! There is a lot of information out there about what you can do with this bench.

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First, check out this video:

As you can see, you can do everything from push-ups to dumbbell-based workouts on this bench. The key is that you get creative about how you use the bench. It’s more than somewhere to sit or lay while you lift dumbbells.

It can also become an edge from which you hold your body for body-weight workouts. Some of the best workouts that you can do alone at home are workouts which rely on you using the weight of your own body for resistance.

Plus, relying on that type of exercise is cheaper than needing to invest in a set of high-quality dumbbells! All you need to get started with your workout is your body and a workout bench. Talk about convenience!


Are you not sure if the foldable workout bench will have enough strength for your workout needs? That’s okay. Instead, try out something like the Marcy Olympic Weight Bench. This bench is made for higher weight workouts that span a bigger range of activities and is a lot sturdier.

Do you want to try a workout bench which can provide some back and abdominal settings as well? If so, a transforming cross-type workout bench like the Fitness Reality X-Class Light Commercial Multi-Workout Bench is a great choice. It provides a lot of versatility in one piece of equipment.


If you have been searching for a single piece of equipment that can revolutionize your home workout without taking up a lot of space, the Body-Solid Best Fitness Folding Bench is what you need!

By owning a foldable yet straightforward workout bench, you can be sure that you have the means to get an effective full-body workout without needing your guests to look at your equipment every single time that they come over to see you. Instead, this foldable bench can be stored out of sight until you’re ready to use it again.

There are many different types of workout benches on the market; have you found which type is the right option for you? We sure hope so!


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