York ST Bench Review

Investing in gym equipment for a home set-up can be a lot of fun but deciding what to spend your hard earned cash on might be a bit daunting. What exactly do you need and what, more importantly, are you more likely to use regularly? Well, we recommend that you get yourself started with a good, solidly dependable weight bench. You will need one of these to perform all kinds of exercise, not least the ever so popular and highly effective bench press.

Just that one functional exercise alone activates so many muscle groups that you will seriously see results and fast track your progress and fitness gains. A weight bench isn’t fancy but it sure is functional, and we have just the perfect one for you today in the form of the York ST Bench. We’d go as far as to say that a utility bench is nothing short of a necessity if you are serious about getting into weightlifting.

The important word to mention right there is weight! Yes, you need your bench to be able to support your own weight adequately, plus that of the barbell or dumbbells you are using and remain stable throughout. So we’ve cherry-picked a high-quality bench today which is so dependable many rate it as commercial quality, to discuss in our York ST Bench Review.

York ST Bench

OK, so this bench is manufactured by York Barbell which means it automatically got our attention. It’s offered in white or silver, and it certainly looks very neat, compact, attractive and solidly constructed, too. It has a strong and robust 2” x 3” high-density foam padded base and features load-bearing rubber feet that are designed to stay put no matter what. It’s safe to say that despite its somewhat unusual appearance, it can really hold some serious weight.

We say unusual size because the design is a little narrower and also higher than the usual weight benches you see. Some of you might love that, and some might be left pondering just who it’s designed to accommodate. We realize that this might be a polarizing one.

What it is great for, though is anyone who has limited space and wants the benefit of having a weight bench but doesn’t have a great deal of space in which to comfortably store one. Its quality constructed, with an almost commercial build and finish and it looks pretty neat. With that powder coated finish it’s super durable, and the foam padding is high-density and very comfortable.

It’s perfect for anyone who lifts heavy as it really can take some serious weight. We’ve read reports from customers who’ve loaded it with up to 800 lbs. of weight which is certainly impressive. The narrower design also means that it’s easy to store away on its side inside most power or squat racks too, so it really is excellent for smaller spaces.

Who Is This Product For?

This bench is for the big guns out there. The ones who really want to train for their gains and aren’t afraid to lift some serious iron. There isn’t an upper weight threshold assigned to this product because, quite frankly, it’s so solid that we don’t really know of any human heavy enough or strong enough to be able to give it a run for its money! While it might not be entirely appropriate for the more vertically challenged among you on account of the fact that it is higher than most weigh benches, it is most definitely sturdy and dependable.

It’s also perfect if you are short on space in your own garage or home gym as it has a small footprint and can easily be stored sideways or within a squat rack when not in use.

What’s included?

You get the high quality constructed commercial grade bench measuring 42.5” x 16” x 19” which is powder coated for durability and features thick, high-density foam padding.

Overview of Features

Below are just some of the key standout features of the York ST Flat Bench.

Compact yet commercial quality design – Dimensions are 42.5” x 16” x 19,” and it weighs 55 lbs. It can be easily stored sideways, against a wall or inside a squat rack.

Durable and dependable – Commercial grade construction with highly durable rust resistant powder coated finish.

Comfortable and supportive – Fully covered with high-density foam padding for your comfort and support.

Multi-Functional – A fully flat workout bench which is great for a range of exercises and particularly suitable for anyone lifting heavy weights.


We appreciate that for some of you having an adjustable bench that allows you to get into a range of different positions might be a more attractive proposition, especially if you are short of space and need to have one piece of gym equipment that will meet more versatile functions. We recommend that you also take a look at the Bowflex Weight Bench and in particular their 5.15 Stowable Bench.

At the top of the game, it certainly isn’t cheap, but it can be adjusted to six different positions, is foldable, and conveniently comes with wheels so that it can be stowed away. It can hold up to a recommended 600-lbs. load capacity, and like the York, ST has very much been built to last from heavy-duty commercial quality steel.


If you are currently looking for a single piece of solidly dependably commercial grade fitness equipment that will revolutionize your workouts and support you entirely in increasing your weight goals, then the York ST Bench could well be the one you need. While there are no fancy bells and whistles with this piece of equipment, what you are getting is a bench that can literally hold whatever you throw at it.

Its compact footprint also makes it an obvious choice for anyone who has space constraints. There’s a saying within the body-building community: “live hard or go home!” Well in this instance, you might well already be at home, and one thing is for sure, the York Bench will undoubtedly support you in lifting harder and heavier than you ever imagined.


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