Pro Gainer Vs. Serious Mass

In fitness, having the proper workout equipment isn't the only thing, using the right supplements and nutrients as we would call them helps you get the result you require.

It's no surprise that most athletes, bodybuilders and fitness lovers regularly take protein as dietary supplements to either gain weight or maintain muscle mass, these supplements are usually consumed in form of pills or powdered formula that can be mixed with milk, water or smoothies to make a sumptuous protein shake.

Sadly, if you aren't also making the effort you put in the gym into ensuring that you’re eating the right food then we can boldly as that you are wasting your time working out in the first place and this is where supplements come in.

When we say the right foods, we are talking about protein, which is the key nutrients needed for repairing and rebuilding damaged muscles after a tough day’s gym session.

However the supplements we would be writing about are known to make you gain weight. You read this well, most bodybuilders and gym enthusiasts, would tell you that for you to even build muscle you need to be at a certain weight or size to even begin building any muscle at all.

These supplements are well known and are fortified with essential proteins, carbohydrates and nutrients that can improve your overall performance. The calories they lack are quite impressive, they are formulated with lean mass gain and general weight gain in view.

The one thing you should also know is that our body system varies and so does the results, what might take a week for some could actually take a day for you and vice-versa. Also, you should know that two mass gainers(products) are ever the same, and whichever product you choose to buy comes down to your specific goal or target.

In this article, we will be doing a full comparison of two products made by one of the big shots in the market, Optimum Nutrition. We urge you read on to see how ON’s “Pro Gainer” and “Serious Mass” look head-to-head.

Pro-gainer And Serious Mass

Serious Mass is the biggest in weight gain formulas. Optimum Serious Mass gives you the required implements needed to heap on the required pounds to help you refine and build the muscles you want.

This protein powder packs a whopping 1,250 calories per serving and 50 grams of protein for muscle recovery support, we can say this product is the ideal (post-workout amid meals) shake for allocating and achieving your goals.

Pro-Gainer is a powerful protein formula that delivers calories necessary to augment the number of nutrients you get when you eat. Nutrients like carbs, vitamins, minerals and protein (of course) are packed in this shake.

Optimum Pro-Gainer can be used as a post-workout recovery shake or a protein supplement taken in between meals.


Now we will be looking at the main features, what makes them different from each other, the pros and cons, what you should look out for in these mass gainers and side effects if there are any.


High-quality mass gainer supplements boast of having lower amounts of fats than most of the cheaper and less advanced brands that include a lot of fat and sugar to boost the calories per serving. Most times mass gainers have between 3g to 10g of good fats.

The main reason why most mass gainers have fat is for the following reasons; energy, hormones and mental transparency, fat burning advantages and also for better absorption of macronutrients.


Pro-Gainer packs 8.5g per serving while Serious Mass contains about 4.4g per serving.


Both mass gainers pack low-fat content. However, Pro Gainer has almost double amount of fat per serving than Serious Mass.

In our opinion, both products have a suitable amount of fat however the fat content in Pro-Gainer is more than Serious Mass.


When we talk about protein volume in ratio to carbohydrate we are referring to the actual number of calories comprised per ingredient, not their measurements per gram.

All mass gainers have protein and carbohydrates compounds. however, it is the carbohydrate component that sparks the caloric intake per serving.

Pro Complex Gainer Vs Serious Mass

Pro gainer has approximately 1.3:1 protein to carbohydrate with about 60g of blended protein and 85g of carbohydrates in every 165g of serving.

Serious Mass, on the other hand, has a whopping 1:5 protein to carbohydrate with about 50g of blended protein and 252g of carbohydrate in every 334g of serving.


The protein substance of these products is highly comparable; with both carbohydrate contents on the flip side of the scale.

As for the calorie feature, Serious Mass is an ideal choice if you are a hard worker and in search of endless energy and gains.


When purchasing a product the first thing you look at (especially for a diet and fitness lover) is the number of calories found in the product.

The number of calories found per serving is one of the key features of any mass gaining supplement, if you want to gain lean mass or just weight in general, an excess daily dose of calories is needed; and is basically the main reason why anyone would consume a mass gainer in the first place.

For those who don't know, any supplement that gives more than 400 calories is known as a mass gainer.

The variety of calories for every serving changes tremendously from a brand of mass gainer to a different brand and it solely depends on what's particular to your personal discipline and body targets.

Here are a few of its differences:

Pro-Gainer's suggested serving size is 165g and that includes an average of 650 calories.

Serious Mass, on the other hand, has a preferred serving size of 334g and gives a humongous 1250 calories per serving.


Serious Mass consisting of little above double calories that can be found in Pro-Gainer, if you are looking to chow down as many calories as possible this product is, however, ideal for you.

Notwithstanding, this is no reason to completely ignore Pro Gainer. For the fact that it gives you about 650 calories per serving doesn't mean that it doesn't serve its purpose, Pro-Gain is much more ideal for people who would like to maintain a disciplined weight gain (particularly lean mass) without having too much fat.


Let's face it, we also look out for taste when purchasing a product. But we are also pleased to let you know that mass gainer is said to be the tastiest of supplements in the market and this is due to their increased carbohydrate measure

Whichever way you mix them and with whatever it's been blended with (fruits, yoghurt, among others) you are sure to get maximum results and also suitable taste.


According to user reviews, Pro-Gainer is available in 14 delicious flavours from vanilla custard to double chocolate, strawberry, banana cream, cookies & cream. And we couldn’t find many reports on the taste of this supplement, according to users of the product, It comes in a variety of simple dairy flavours that is sure to please you.

Nonetheless, the serving size of 165g in addition to the suggested 450ml water is kind of too much for the 600ml shaker (awkward right?).

Serious Mass is available in an identical variety of flavours as Pro Gainer but the twist in their brand is the powerful serving size of 334g and 252g of carbohydrate per serving. However, the 700ml water needed is quite small making it difficult to mix.


Both Pro-Gainer and Serious Mass are beyond doubt awesome when it comes to taste and mixing/blending is flawless.

But if we had(compelled) to pick one based on taste and blend then we would go with Pro-Gainer. But you will have to reduce the mentioned quantity of water, you will see that it'll fit into your standard shaker.

Still On Pro Gainer Vs Serious Mass

We hope you actually enjoyed reading this thorough comparison, but on the other hand, we would like to point out the key features of these products.


  • Product develops controlled lean mass gains
  • Protein and carbohydrate content
  • Low-fat content
  • Contains Amino Acids for recovery
  • Has great taste

Serious Mass

  • Boosts fast weight gain
  • Has superior carbohydrate content
  • Low-fat content
  • Creatine and glutamine present for strength
  • Great taste

Proper Dosage

Optimum Nutrition Pro Gainer

The conventional serving size of this mass gainer is 1 scoop, to be taken as a snack in the middle of meals or after the workout.

Optimum Serious Mass

Use about two heaping scoops of Serious Mass to preparing your protein shake. You can consume this shake in place of a snack between meals as a post-workout supplement.

Compounds And Active Ingredients

Before purchasing either mass gainers you should look at what you stand to gain if you eventually purchase that product and begin use. This resolves the problem of not getting the desired results or not getting speedy results.

Below are ingredients of both Pro-Gainer and Serious Mass and how they stack up together on a national scale.


This mass gainer delivers a vast amount of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that your body requires during the bodybuilding and mass gaining process. When you consume exactly a portion of the Pro Gainer shake you would have ingested:

  • 12% of daily value of fat
  • 28% carbs
  • 120% protein
  • 50% of calcium
  • 35% of the Vitamin E and C, riboflavin, manganese phosphorous and
    45% iodine

And these are nutrients that can be gotten in just one scoop!

Serious Mass

Serious Mass has an even more potent protein blend that delivers over 100% of the daily value of several different vitamins, minerals, and nutrients including:

  • 100% of protein
  • 100% of Vitamin A, C, and E
  • 320% of thiamin
  • 235% of riboflavin
  • 250% of niacin
  • 250% of Vitamin B6
  • 100% of folic acid
  • 167% of Vitamin B12
  • 100% of biotin
  • 250% of Pantothenic acid (also known as VitaminB5)
  • 100% of iodine
  • 100% of zinc
  • 100% selenium
  • 100% manganese
  • 100% chromium
  • 100% molybdenum


If you are hoping to gain mass really fast then Serious Mass is a good choice as it's for hard gainers.

Pro gainer, on the other hand, gives you slow/sluggish metabolism that helps users attain lean muscle mass without growing really fat, the protein, carbohydrate and fat ratio are well intended and apportioned. It’s serving size and calorie measure makes it an overall edible post-workout shake.


Before purchasing any supplement it's always vital you do your homework in terms of its side effects and just how successful the product has been for users.

This information is very vital in order to prevent yourself from wasting money and also wasting your time.


Consumers go bananas that Pro Gainer’s powder dissolves easily whether mixing it with water or with milk and doesn't leave any clumps. As most regular users of protein powders know, this can be really hard to find in a protein shake.

This protein powder is familiar with its breathtaking taste, compared to other brands. Various users have claimed that it has a milkshake-like taste, exclusively when you prefer the double chocolate version.

The 7 distinct sources of protein found in this product would help your body metabolize the supplement over several hours, instead of all at once!

This protein powder is one of the very few products that won’t leave you having that heavy or bloated feeling right after drinking it. Also, you don't have to deal with any unpleasant moments afterwards.

In contrast to other competitors, Pro Gainer has a reduced amount of sodium and cholesterol. It’s valued at around $2.25 per serving.

However be very considerate when using this product as its serving size is off. Instead of using one heaping scoop full, just use about one scoop and a half.


Serious Mass

There was a consumer that framed out after using this product he added about 25 pounds in just three months. There were other claims of a whopping 15 to 30-pound increase during use.

Using a blender is ideal with this powder because it is so thick. There is the possibility of ending up having a chunky consistency if you use your shaker cup to mix it.

Some users advise mixing the chocolate and vanilla flavours for that superlative tasting shake. This is a wonderful product for those who are skinny or struggling with putting weight on. But you should be ready to work out a great deal so that you will genuinely put on muscle, and not just fat.

Just as the serving size is absent for the Pro Gainer, we can also say the same for Serious Mass. Except if the reverse is the case. Most users have also complained that it is impossible to finish two heaping scoops full of this product at once.

Also, using one scoop and a half is much more beneficial because the number of properties packed into this powder is known to induce both bloating and gas.


Pro-Gainer provides about 650 calories per serving in addition to its 60 grams of massive protein combination.

Pro-Gainer is a sturdy option for weight gainers. In every serving, you get the following protein combination:

  • Protein Isolate
  • Milk Whey Protein Concentrate
  • Atomic number 20 Caseinate
  • Ovalbumin
  • Hydrolysed Whey Polypeptides
  • Gln Peptides

Incorporate that blend with about 85 grams of carbohydrates and 8 grams of healthy fats found in this protein mix and you have yourself a sure path to weight gain support.

You should be using this product in combination with a steady and sure training program and this will ensure more mass gain, primarily from muscle, not fat.

When used as guided, Pro-Gainer may be able to help lean muscle gains, increase strength, improve recovery and help you accomplish your goal weight.


In the class of mass gainers, Pro-Gainer is beyond doubts one of the best, however to our utmost disappointment one of its ingredients is “partially hydrogenated guar gum” Guar gum is seen as one of the safest food additives, however, hydrogenation adds trans fat which is the worst fat to include in your diet.

You should know that when the trans fat measure is not more than 0.5 grams per serving you can say that product is trans-fat-free.


Serious Mass gives you about 1,250 calories per serving. In addition, you’ll get 50 grams of protein to buttress your muscle building aim. It has half the fat content found in Pro-Gainer which can comfortably be made up for if you add a healthy oil to your diet such as coconut oil.

The chunk of calories in this product comes from the carbohydrate content, and that is 254 carbohydrates per serving! We are talking about the serious amount of carbs that makes this product an ideal mass gainer or even a suitable training supplement for athletes who just want to carb load.


Based on your fitness goals, this point might actually be either an advantage or disadvantage to you. Using this mass gainer gives you a tremendous volume of carbohydrates content which is three times the amount you should be obtained after workouts.

The carbohydrate content in this Serious Mass Gainer is ideal for those who train vigorously for at least three days per week as this may aid fat gain and not muscle gain.

However, if you are solely depending on this supplement and not actually working out this might actually become a big problem for you.


Side Effects??

Every product on this planet has a side effect, using either of the two supplements you should encounter no harmful side effects, Notwithstanding, if you have any allergies to dairy products like milk, wheat, eggs or soy then this is not the right product for you.

Likewise, if these supplements are used in contrast to its actual instructions, or you don't work out as required, there is the tendency to have stomach aches and bloating because your body would have difficulty in dividing the enormous protein in the body.

However, both mass gainers like Serious Mass and Pro Complex Gainer are very ideal for fitness enthusiasts, lifters, and athletes.

Final Verdict

There are very little differences between these mass gainers and where the differences are you would discover that there isn't any difference at all.

Personal goal is what matters when purchasing mass gainers. Whether you are looking to add mass quickly or getting some lean gains either products are ideal for you.

Last Thoughts

Fitness begins with the mind and the body won't go where the mind doesn't want it to go, nonetheless, these supplements have been made to help achieve this aim, giving you little work to do.

When we say little work, we are referring to the hours spent at the gym and also the type of workout you engage in. Either way, the pair are very useful and appropriate for their respective purposes so we can't tell you one is better than the other.

Although Serious Mass is from the same maker and essentially has extra or less similar ingredient content, Pro Complex Gainer has attained the top spot due to the inclusion of other essential ingredients that shaped the high protein supplement into a mass and muscle gainer.

But both products (as we have been explaining from the beginning of the article) are powerful and would give you the desired results if used as prescribed.

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