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No Xplode vs C4 Review: Which one should you Buy?

Are you struggling to build your muscles? Maybe you are wondering how other people managed to develop theirs. We all know that certain physical activities like pull ups work like magic in helping us develop our muscles. That's why you might be thinking which is the best option between No Xplode vs C4.

Building your muscles may seem slow and tiresome. That’s why pre-workouts are there to help you achieve that.

If you can manage to build muscles without them, you must be strong! But we thought for great and faster results, pre-workouts are a game.

The C4 and No Xplode are some of the best well-known pre-workouts out there. The C4 has been one of the best sellers in Australia and other countries.

The No Xplode has also been doing well as most people loved it. The question is, between the No Xplode VS C4, which one should you buy?

In this post, we would like to help you make an informed decision by comparing the two products. We will first check each product then compare them.


Why is it essential to develop your muscles?


The point of using these pre-workouts is to develop muscles. But why should you have muscles in the first place?

You need muscles because they help your bones to be healthy. Muscles also help you to be flexible and swift. With muscles, you can do heavy workouts and still feel strong.

Studies reveal that resistance training boosts muscles growth. This shows that physical training should be part of your lifestyle.


Comparison of Table


Common features No Xplode (Check Current Price) C4 (Check Current Price)
Serving size 18.5g 6.5g
Flavours 7 distinct flavors 13 distinct flavors
Serving size 18.5 grams 6.5 grams
Texture Powdery form Powdery form
Dimension and Size 5x5x7 inches

2.45 pounds

4x4x4.6 inches

12.5 ounces



What you might want to know about the No Xplode Pre-workout Supplement


No Xplode vs C4

The introduction of No Xplode took the world of pre-workout supplements with a storm. Athletes loved using it since it was designed for various types of workouts.

It has proved to help its users to achieve the most out of their training sessions. What else would one want?

You need both physical and mental energy for a successful training session. That’s the reason why you can stay focused while using it.

You know that working out isn’t easy. Mindset is crucial, and the No Xplode will take care of that.

The reason why it works like a charm is that it has been made with powerful ingredients. It has 1.8g of Beta-Alanine, 275mg of caffeine and 3g of Creatine.

All these are available to ensure that you have strength, power, and energy and that you can stay focused throughout the whole physical training, and you can get it on Bodybuilding.com here, or on Amazon here.


  • Boosts your energy during physical training
  • Helps you stay focused
  • Gives you muscular power
  • Great taste



  • Some users reported cases of inadequate fluid intake




Are there any side effects of the No Xplode?


After using this supplement, don’t shudder if you experience some side effects. It’s normal to have them, and you might not experience all of them.

  • Blood pressure
  • Sleep problems
  • Stomach discomfort and digestion issues
  • Rise in blood pressure due to Nitric oxide in it
  • Digestion issues and stomach discomfort


If you have any health issue, it would be great to consult your doctor first before using this supplement. While most people who used it didn’t experience problems, you should seek guidance first.


What you might want to know about the C4 pre-workout Supplement

Let’s first find out what the C4 for is and the ingredients used to make it. Most users have reported positive feedback after using the C4 for a couple of weeks.

The C4 contains ingredients like Teacrine, CarnoSyn Beta-Alanine-1.6g, Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate-1g, Creatine Nitrate-1g, and Caffeine -150mg. All these ingredients have various functions that help you achieve excellent results.

For example, the presence of caffeine makes you feel stimulated throughout your physical activity. Creatine, on the other hand, increases strength in your body for exercises beyond 3 minutes.

Arginine stimulates the synthesis of proteins. This is what you need in building muscles. Carnosyn reduces acidic burning feeling while working out, and you can find it on Bodybuilding.com here, or on Amazon here.


  • Comes in different tasty flavors like the Icy Blue Razz flavor
  • Makes you energized during a workout
  • Promotes the growth of muscles


  • Some users complained that the powder had minor jitters and clumped when they tried to mix




Are there any side effects of the C4 Pre- work out?

Just like any other pre-workout, the C4 tends to have a few side effects. While your body may react in various ways, below are some side effects you might experience.

  • Jitters
  • Headaches
  • Numbness and tingling
  • Cramps
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia

You might want to seek professional help if you are a bit skeptical about these side effects.

The C4 is for users who would love some natural performance enhancement or boost their energy levels. However, if you have a high caffeine tolerance, you would use the C4 Ripped or the C4 Ultimate, which are great as well.


A brief comparison of the No Xplode vs C4


We have seen that the above products have significant benefits to your training sessions. However, we would love to know their differences and similarities.

We will be looking at various features like texture, flavors, and nutritional value and serving size.


Both the C4 and No Xplode are in powder form, meaning you have to mix them with water. But users complained that the C4 doesn’t mix so well compared to No Xplode.

While the No Xplode mixes well, it takes time to dissolve in water. It has a thick texture and forms foam, which is just fine.


C4 has about 13 flavors, something that has contributed to its popularity. These flavors are pink lemonade strawberry margarita, cherry limeade, fruit punch, berry blast, green apple, juicy candy burst, orange burst, icy blue razz, lemon drop, dreamicle, and watermelon.

The No Explode comes in only seven flavors, that is watermelon, green apple, cherry limeade, caffeine-free fruit punch, grape, blue raz and fruit punch.

All these flavors are fantastic. It depends on your preference and choice but the results will always be the same.


Final Verdict

We have checked both sides of the pre-workouts. All of them are great. You might notice that the No Xplode has some benefits that the C4 doesn’t have.

The same applies to C4. The point is, both the C4 and No Xplode will help you gain muscles faster. However, if you are looking for a pre-workout that mixes well, you might want to use the No explode.

If you need something that combines faster and doesn’t mind about the residue left behind, the C4 would be excellent for you.


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