How to Use the Weight Bench Leg Attachment

Having a weight bench is great, but it is not enough to only work your core and upper body. Using a leg attachment lets you to work out your legs like a champ. A leg attachment is very common for weight benches, so you can easily find one for your model.

Once you have purchased your weight bench, you need to know how to use the leg attachment. Most leg attachments use a roller design that features three rollers. The first is used for leg extensions as well as leg curls. 

The second is used for hamstring curls, while the last is used only for leg extensions. But how do you do these exercises properly, and how do you use a weight bench leg attachment to achieve the best results? Read on to find out more.

How to Use the Weight Bench Leg Roller Attachment

There are quite a few ways you can use a weight bench leg attachment depending on which part of your legs you want to target. Below, you will find some of the best exercises to do and how to use the leg attachment to do each.

Knee and Quad Extensions

You first need to decide how much resistance or weight you want for this exercise. Once you have set the weight, sit facing forward. Your hips and knees should be at a 90° angle to one another. Place your shins firmly behind the rollers at the top and bottom. Ensure that your ankles aren’t resting on any rollers.

Using your shins, apply pressure to the roller to push your legs upwards from below the knee. When your legs are at the top, hold the position for three seconds, then push your legs down against the rollers to lower them back to the position you started in. This is one repetition. Beginners should aim for 4 sets made up of 8 repetitions each.

How to Use the Weight Bench

Hamstring Curls

Determine how much weight or resistance you want for this exercise. Start by lying face down on the bench. Ensure that you put your knees directly below the bench’s edge. Place the back of your legs at mid-calf under the bottom roller. Bend your legs at the knees and apply pressure to raise the roller so it moves up behind your thighs.

Hold the position for three seconds, then push your legs down to the position you started in. This is one repetition. Beginners should aim for four sets made up of twelve repetitions each.


Leg attachments on a weight bench can also be used to target your core and abdominal muscle. Start by locking the rollers in place so that they will not move when pushed or pulled. Begin by lying on your back. Place your thighs beneath the second roller with your shins behind the bottom roller.

Put your hands in a cross over your chest or behind your head. Lift your head and shoulder up by squeezing your abdominal muscles. Pause when you are at about 45 degrees to the bench, hold for two seconds, then slowly lower yourself back to the position you started in. This is one repetition. Beginners should aim for three sets made up of fourteen repetitions each.

Cooldown Stretches

Cooldown Stretches

When you are finished working out, it is important to stretch your muscles to increase flexibility and reduce stiffness. To stretch your quadriceps, lie on your right side and pull your left heel up to your left buttock. Hold your leg in this position for 20 seconds, then relax. Repeat this stretch on your tight side.

To stretch your hamstring muscles, begin by sitting up and placing your legs together in front of you. Slowly reach forward and try touch your toes while flexing your heels. Reach forward without overstretching, then hold the position for 15 seconds, then relax and repeat.


Using a leg attachment on your weight bench can get your muscles toned and strong in no time, especially if you are doing more sets and reps as you get stronger. Often, using a basic weight bench will only allow you to target your upper body and core muscles, which is why it is important to add a leg attachment for a balanced, full body workout.

Not only will you enjoy the greater variety in your workout, you will also strengthen more muscles in an even way across your body. Plus, by working on your whole body, you are increasing your endurance and fitness levels throughout.

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