Top 5 Best Weight Bench with Squat Rack (2020 Reviews Updated)

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best weight bench with squat racks is, then we recommend the Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench with Squat Rack as the best one.

Weight benches with squat racks can be especially effective for developing both the upper and lower body, and allow you to carry out a variety of different exercises targeting both the arms and legs, all in the comfort of your own home! This is due to the two-piece design they include, so you no longer have to switch between machines to change your exercise, but do it all in one go.

In this guide, we have reviewed five of the best weight benches with squat racks on the market and will show you exactly how you can benefit from using one of these for yourself.

Best Weight Bench with Squat Rack

  1. Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench with Squat Rack
  2. Marcy Adjustable Weight Bench with Leg Developer & Squat Rack
  3. Sporzon! Adjustable Olympic Weight Bench
  4. Adidas Sport Utility Bench with Squat Rack
  5. Body Champ Weight Bench with Squat Rack

Best Weight Bench with Squat Rack 2020

1. Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench with Adjustable Squat Rack and Preacher Curl

Just as the name suggests body champ bench is literally for the champions who are looking to perform a full-body workout from shoulders to calves. From beginners to advanced, all the levels of exercises can be performed on it at the convenience of your home.

Summary: The best thing about the bench is how it attracts the different types of enthusiasts who are looking for basic as well as an advanced bench which could adjust to multiple positions depending on the exercise that needs to be performed or depending on the muscle group that is targeted.

Flexibility: To perform the different levels of exercises, one needs to adjust the backrest of a bench to different positions. This bench has unquestionable adjustability where the backrest can be adjusted to so many different positions. You can for sure cover the entire muscle group from large to small, if you have this bench at your home.

Storage and affordability: The best part is that in this age of space management we tend to buy things which are not occupying a lot of space. If you are one of those people, this weight bench is worth a try. Not on the space, it is equally lighter on the pocket as well, where you do not end up spending a lot of money. In short, we would call this product affordable and do not occupy a lot of space. You can perform all the exercises safely and conveniently at your home.

Wide range of accessories: This bench comes with a wide range of accessories which are complimentary with it. These are:-

  • Preacher Curl,
  • Olympic plate adaptor
  • Spring clip for the leg developer
  • Arm curl bar
  • An ab crunch with foam grip handle


  • 7 Adjustable positions
  • can be used as a squat rack
  • Easy to store, Hence it can be easily fit into your home gym
  • Great value for money. This provides plenty of features at a very fair price.
  • A robust bench, built with steel, to make this bench durable for constant use


  • Body Champ Olympic weight bench does not include weight set.


2. Marcy Adjustable Weight Bench with Leg Developer & Squat Rack

The first weight bench and squat rack combo on our list is the adjustable Olympic weight bench by Marcy. This is a strong bench which packs some power! Let’s take a look at its key features in more detail.

Summary: This weight bench by Marcy is a great product for those who are keen to keep in shape. This bench allows you to train everything with an all-in-one set which is an ideal option for any experienced user who is keen to build, tone, and maintain their muscle mass!

Multi-functional: If you are looking to increase your body strength as well as your lean muscle mass, and want to burn calories, then the Marcy weight bench will quickly become your best friend. Featuring a one of a kind two-piece design, you can utilize the top bar support for exercises such as lunges and squats, and at the same time, by doubling the bench into a stand-alone unit, you can do your lower leg and abdominal workouts too!

Train in comfort: The Marcy weight bench features soft padded vinyl foam seats, as well as a backrest pad which guarantees long lasting comfort whether lifting or sitting down. Strong rubber grips on the arm curl handles allow for extra control, especially when you sweat after a tough session.


  • Versatile bench
  • Weight bench and squat rack combo
  • Targets arms and legs
  • Adjustable design
  • Squat rack
  • Well-constructed
  • Extra added comfort
  • Durable


  • Many customers experienced poor assembly with this product and complained the instructions were useless.


3. Sporzon! Adjustable Olympic Weight Bench Review

This Olympic weight bench is the best deal or we can say all in one package if you arelo0oking to increase the overall body strength, maintain, build, or tone the muscles.

Summary: This Olympic weight bench comes with the squat rack. Be it the bench or squat racks, both are adjustable to perform different sets of exercises and suit all the people of different heights. The quality of steel is remarkable. The total weight supporting capacity of the bench is 800 lbs and can support a user’s weight up to 44 lbs. This is a two-piece design. You can use a weight bench and squat rack together or you can use them independently.


  • Adjustable: – Sporzon weight bench can be easily adjustable to incline, flat, decline bench press positions.
  • Two-piece design: – Sporzon weight bench comes with the squat rack, which can be easily separated from the weight bench. You can perform all the exercises together or independently.
  • Preacher curl: – Sporzon weight bench also comes with a preacher curl pad and arm handle which helps the user to perform the exercises conveniently.
  • Leg developer: – This feature helps the user to target hamstring, quadriceps, and flute muscles.
  • Weight plate holder: – It helps in storing the pates neatly.


  • This bench does not come with weight


4. Adidas Sport Utility Bench with Squat Rack

The next weight bench on our list is the sport utility bench and squat rack by Adidas. As one of the most popular brands world over, Adidas certainly provides high-quality sports equipment, and their sports utility bench is no exception. Below we take a look at its features in a little more detail.

Summary: The Adidas sport utility bench is a comprehensive and multifunctional bench, helping you get the most out of your workout. With an added squat rack, you can be sure to enhance your leg muscles while at the same time exercising your upper body. It really is an all-in-one! This is the best weight bench and rack in the market.

Easy adjustable:

The best thing about this bench is its level of adjustability. The squat rack can be adjusted to five different weights, with a 300 lbs. weight capacity. The bench can be adjusted to flat, incline and also decline positions, giving you a variety of exercise options to try.

Sturdy and durable: The Adidas utility bench is a very safe and sturdy bench which will perfectly handle larger frames. Its strong design makes it a bench capable to last through many workouts.


  • Easy adjustable
  • Compact in size
  • Solid steel construction
  • Squat rack
  • 600 – 1000 lbs. weight capacity
  • Versatile
  • Weighs 68 lbs.
  • Able to withstand Intense workouts


  • Some customers experienced assembly issues, with parts missing and difficulties putting it together.


5. Body Champ Weight Bench with Squat Rack

The third and final weight bench and squat rack on our list is the two-piece set by Body Champ. This set was designed for versatility and is perfect for all those looking for a great body workout. We will discover its key features below

Summary: The Body Champ weight bench will make your workouts stress-free thanks to its comfortable and versatile set. This bench set is ideal for those who have never used one before, as well as more experienced trainers.

All-in-one fitness: The Body champ set allows you to work on all areas of the body. Thanks to its five-position settings for the back, two-position settings for the seat and a stand-alone squat rack, you will be able to perform a variety of different exercises easily!

Easy to transport & store: Featuring an easy-lift Lever plus two built-in transport wheels, you can quickly and easily maneuver your weight bench without any struggles.

Opting to buy this product would definitely not disappoint you. Rather it is worth every hard-earned penny you invest in it. We are sure that after performing all the exercises on this product, you will be able to attain the kind of results you are looking for. I am a big fan of this product as my height is around 191 cms and it has always adjusted as per my height and I have never injured myself working on it. A big yes from my side.


  • Stand-alone squat rack
  • Easy lift lever
  • Built-in transport wheels
  • No-pinch catch design
  • 68 lbs. weight
  • 300 lbs. weight capacity
  • High-density padding
  • 2-way adjustable bench


  • Some customers mentioned the bench being shaky when lifting heavier weights.


Which is the Best Weight Bench with Squat Rack for me?

Weight bench with squat rack is great for those who want to keep fit and constantly workout. Their small, compact size makes them perfect to store at home, and will not take up too much space. When it comes to finding out which one is best suited to you, it largely depends on what areas of your body you are looking to train. We have already shared a number of weight benches for multiple purposes depending on your goals.

If you want to train your whole body, then all of the Weight bench with squat on our list would be perfectly suited to you as they are extremely versatile. If you are shopping on a budget, the best suited product would probably be the Body Champ Olympic Weight Bench with Squat Rack​ as it comes at a lower price in comparison with the other two sets.

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